I appreciate that they allow me to achieve credit with this card. If you would read the policy, there should be no issues, we cannot wish these policies to not be there, they were upfront on all fee about this card. I am satisfied , and have alwats spoken with a customer service representative with any issue. Maybe they were calling the wrong number. I am looking forward to continue my business with the Visa Rewards 660 card. remember understand what you are getting into before agreeing to anything you purchase or buy

Iman Mahmood Abo Al Sayed Hamad

Alberta Rivera

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I need a phone number to contact rewards660 so that I can pay my bill.You can reach me by e-mail. dixonannt@yahoo.com last 4 numbers of ssn 7495 asap.

Last 4 number of card 1320. Thank You


Iam currently a rewards660 card holder and just signed up for the salute card and it seems like alot of people are having issues with both cards, but I have never had an issue with my rewards660 CC I have always had excellent service with getting a rep on the phone and when I have issues they always answer my questions and granite they called me 10 times one day because I hadent made a payment yet on my card but companies like that with the way the economy is today have to in order to pay for the services they supply! I have never had any issues with my rewards660 card and hope to not have the same issue with my salute card1

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