I recieved a bill., or statement; for 264.15 for a big REWARD 660 I had never even activated. Not only can you not achieve human contact, but the God *** computer basically tells you to F- Off..!!

God knows what will happen in the aftermath of this ill conducted web folly. It makes me regret ever purchasing this window of streaming blatent disregard. Honestly how the fine establishment of VISA tolerates the misuse of their esteemed name or condones it, actually disturbes my conscience. Please Mr.

VISA, screen your would-be clients just a little more closely in hopes that this kind of thievery and misfortune can be evaded. THANK YOU Jesse Yerger

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Ubate, Cundinamarca, Colombia #27654

if you never activated the card them you can sue them if you opt-out of the arbitration provision. I hope you did. I will be fileing a lawsuit in tulsa , ok small claims court but in the mean time file a complaint with the South Dakota Dept of Revenue & Regulations Division of Banking 605-773-3421 www.state.sd.us/banking

Wauna, Washington, United States #11206

I to never activated my car and they sent me a bill sayin i owe 300 and some dollars. how is that possible when i never activated it or used it..

does anyone no how i can get them from calling me(besides changing my number) they call 10 times a day no joke.. i am tired of the calls..

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