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I received my card in the mail and it said to call to activate. The card supposedly said I had $50 credit left on my card after the activation fees were taken out of the initial credit of $300.00 in the amount of $250.00.

The first payment I would owe would be in about 19 days from the date I received the card. The exact date was given for the first payment of $40. I received the card on Saturday July 5th. By the time I got the card and read to call the company at the number stated on the card to activate it, the company was closed and would not be opened until Monday, July 7th.

I called back first thing on Monday and was informed by he recording thatthey had so many calls they wouldbe open Sunday and I could hold on or call back then. I was cut off of hold three times till I got a person. She told me I would need to send her verification of my income and a copy of my i.d. My card would be processed in 48 hours or I could pay her the $40.00

over the phone then this info would not be necessary.

I went down to a reputable place and had them fax the requested papers and waited until I had a receipt from the fax that the fax machine on their end had received it at 1:15pm on the seventh. The woman who talked to me was named Danielle and she gave me a number to call back that was supposed to be a direct number to make sure they got the fax. I called back on the 8th and realized it was the same number I had called previously. The person who answered told me the fax had been received but it takes 48 hours for it to be processed and to please call back on July 9th and it should be processed.

So I called back on the 8th just to make sure the fax was received . I spoke to Tony and he told me that the fax had been received but even if the card was activated I would not be able to use it until the first payment of $40.00 is received. I told him I was never told that and he requested my debit card number to take the money. When I told him no he said call back on the 9th and it should be released.

I called back and was told the fax was never received and I said that was funny because I was already told it was. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told I would be transferred. I was promptly cut off. I called back and explained the situation and was told Danielle would not be in and Tony would be in in 4hrs.

He assured me he knew Tony well and he would be in. I again asked to speak to the manager and was told he would transfer me and I would be connected. I then asked him where they were and he said Colorado and everything I received said the bank they are connected with and the processing center is in Tampa Florida. The fax number is in Colorado I found it.

A person answered the phone and identified themselves as manager and Marty, when he said his name was Marty I recognized it as the name I was told to fax my stuff attention to. I asked him if he was the same person and he said yes. With out even asking me my name or card number he said he did not receive my fax. I asked about if Tony or Danielle were going to be in.

He told me Tony would not be in at all and Danielle would be in in about 4hrs. I told him his people made a mistake because they already told me that the fax had been received to which he quickly responded that they had not and I would have to gie him $40 now. I asked him based on what had happened how do I know it is not a scam to get my money. It doesn't sound like much but you get a hundred people to do that it is thousands.

I told him I was going to get someone to look into this and he said good. I am cancelling your card. TheDakota State Bank which the mail address is a P.O.

Bux in Tampa Florida has no phone number.

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